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CSS Layout and Dreamweaver training course

Introduction to CSS layout with Dreamweaver.

1 day overview of CSS layout with Adobe Dreamweaver CC, Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 or Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.

This course will show you how to use Dreamweaver for CSS page layout. Giving you a better understanding CSS layout, CSS and HTML code, and giving you the skills needed to help you to create better and more professional web page designs.

Dreamweaver and CSS training course, covering the different aspects of CSS usage, the basics of CSS web page design and CSS layout, CSS positioning, CSS navigation, formatting of DIV tags with CSS, and CSS code and HTML code validation.

One to one or for small group Dreamweaver CSS layout training is available on-site (at your premises) in Birmingham and Midlands, Yorkshire, Manchester and around the UK.


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Dreamweaver / introduction to CSS web design training course

Dreamweaver course duration: 1 day
Level: Intermediate / advanced
Software: Adobe Dreamweaver CC, Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.
Numbers: One to one or small group.
Trainees in a group should have the same skill level and the same requirements.
On-site training is available at your premises in Birmingham and Midlands, Yorkshire, Manchester and other UK areas.

Course Requirements:
For this CSS layout course you will need to have good Dreamweaver and website design skills to intermediate level and be able to design a full web site using tables or other method. You should have a good understanding of the basic use of CSS styles for text formatting, (including the use of class selectors and tag selectors and how these are applied to text). You should also be familiar with some basic HTML code editing.


Introduction to CSS layout with Dreamweaver - 1 day course outline

Introduction to CSS styles, building a web site with CSS.
CSS layout, CSS navigation, CSS and HTML code.

HTML - overview
HTML & XHTML - the differences
Correct structuring of HTML pages

CSS - beyond basic text styling
Overview of the different types of CSS styles, how they are used and how they are written
CSS Syntax
Relative and absolute CSS values
CSS Selectors - Class, Tag, ID, Pseudo-classes for link styling
CSS selector grouping

Formatting page elements with CSS
Block elements and inline elements
Box model - and how this affects the use of padding, margin, and borders
Adding a border or a space around an image
Set a border, padding, background colour, or other properties of a block element (div, p, a, etc.)
Using CSS to format tables - borders, colours and cell padding

Using div tags & CSS to create a page layout
Designing with div tags & CSS
Adding div tags to layout a page, controlling size and position with CSS
Use CSS to set background colour, border, padding and other properties of the div container
Absolute and relative CSS positioning
Floats, and issues with using Float
Pages structure and how this affects SEO

Navigation with HTML and CSS
Designing CSS navigation with mouseover effects
Vertical CSS navigation
Horizontal CSS navigation
Using images for link backgrounds

Building a web page with div tags and CSS
Designing a 2 or 3 fixed column CSS page layout

Code Editing
Editing the HTML code
Editing CSS code

CSS and browser issues - testing pages and fixing problems

Validating your CSS and HTML pages to ensure they meet w3c standards


One to one or small group, on-site CSS & Dreamweaver training courses can be arranged at your office with trainers around the UK, including Birmingham and Midlands areas. Please contact us to check availability.

Availability of these courses does vary, due to limited availability of trainers, so training may not be available in all areas.


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Dreamweaver and CSS layout training course in Birmingham and around the UK.