Introduction to HTML Email Design with Dreamweaver & Photoshop

This course will use two industry-standard tools, Dreamweaver for the HTML and layout, and Photoshop to create optimised graphics and images. The combination of these two programmes will enable you to design and build professional HTML emails and e-shots.

With HTML email you can create and send a message that is visually appealing, and — when designed and built correctly — will improve the reader’s ability to process, enjoy and respond to the content. Static and responsive HTML emails are now often used as a valuable tool in email marketing and social media campaigns.

The course is mostly aimed at Graphic or Web designers, or people moving into an online marketing related job. At the end of the course you will have created and built a professional working HTML email.

A one day course is available if the trainees already have some Photoshop or HTML web design skills.


What will I learn ?

How to quickly and easily design and build an effective responsive HTML email.
Learn the specific display requirements for webmail and email clients.
Create, edit and optimize graphics and images to incorporate into your HTML email.
Understand the various distribution options.


The Dreamweaver HTML Email design course is available on-site (at the clients office or home) in Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Warwick, Leicester, Northampton, Oxford, other Midlands areas and around the UK.

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HTML Email Design course - summary

Course duration: 2 day
Level: Beginners introduction
Software: Adobe Dreamweaver CC, CS6, CS5, Adobe Photoshop CC, CS6, CS5
Numbers: One to one or small groups of up to 4 trainees
Trainees in a group should have the same skill level and the same requirements.
At client's office or home in Birmingham, Midlands and around the UK.

HTML Email Course requirements:
You will just need good basic computer skills.


HTML Email Design course - 2 day course outline


How do HTML emails work?
The ‘bigger picture’ – webmail and email clients
Examples of HTML emails and e-shots
Examples of responsive HTML emails and e-shots
Enabling your HTML email to be displayed correctly
Building a user friendly HTML email
Distribution of HTML emails

Dreamweaver Overview
Introducing Dreamweaver
Learning the interface
Dreamweaver / Photoshop workflow

Photoshop Overview
Introducing Photoshop
Learning the interface
Photoshop / Dreamweaver workflow

Understanding HTML code
Viewing examples of HTML code
Specific HTML email requirements
Basic HTML exercises

CSS Code
Understanding CSS code
Can CSS be used?
Viewing examples of CSS code
Mobile specific CSS
Media queries

Getting Started
The research process - understanding your readers
The design process
Static or Responsive?
HTML email best practices
Email marketing tips

Basic Page Creation
Create a new basic HTML page
Add and format text content
Insert graphics and images
Test and preview the page

Page Layout with Tables
Overview of tables
Designing a page layout with tables
Creating table structures
Modifying and nesting tables
Formatting text, images and data in tables

Understanding links
Creating links
Creating email links

Working with Graphics and Images
Overview of web-based image creation
Sourcing, editing and optimising images
Creating and manipulating graphics

Testing your HTML email
Uploading your HTML and images

Distribution and Delivery
Options – Email service providers
Plain-text alternative version
Creating a mailing list
Managing subscribers
Scheduling, and when to send
Tracking, click-throughs, bounces and reports
Anti-spam techniques



This Dreamweaver and HTML Email design course is available for on-site training at your office or home in Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Warwick, Redditch, Worcester, Derby, Leicester, Northampton, Oxford, other Midlands areas and around the UK.


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