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Dreamweaver course - beginners and intermediate

Two day introduction to web design with Adobe Dreamweaver.

This Adobe Dreamweaver course will cover the basics of Dreamweaver to how to design and build a small web site. The course also includes intermediate Dreamweaver techniques needed to work efficiently and create manageable web site designs using Dreamweaver Templates, and CSS as well as managing your web site and checking files.

Dreamweaver training is available on-site (at the clients office or home) in Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Derby, Leicester, Midlands areas, Manchester, Yorkshire, Northampton, Oxford and around the UK.


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Dreamweaver beginners and intermediate course summary

Adobe Dreamweaver course

Dreamweaver course duration: 2 days
Level: Beginners and intermediate
Software:  Adobe Dreamweaver CC (older versions), Dreamweaver CS6, Dreamweaver CS5

Who is the course aimed at ?
This course is aimed at those who currently have little or no web design skills and want to understand the basics of web design with Dreamweaver and learn to design and edit your own web sites.

Dreamweaver beginners course requirements:
You will just need good computer skills for this beginners Dreamweaver course.

Numbers: One to one or small groups of up to 4 trainees
Trainees in a group should have the same skill level and the same requirements.

On-site training at client's premises (office or home) in Birmingham and Midlands areas and around the UK.


Beginners and intermediate Dreamweaver course - 2 day course


Before You Begin
Domain names and web site hosting
Accessibility and legal aspects of web design

Web Design Basics
The basic principles of good web site design
How to organise the files in your website
File types and file naming
Overview of how to use Dreamweaver with other software such as Photoshop or Fireworks to build your web site

Dreamweaver Overview
Finding your way around Dreamweaver
Introduction to the tools and features of Dreamweaver

Getting Started Designing A Simple Web Page
Create a new local web site
Create a new blank page
Setting a background colour for the page
Setting default text colours
Add text and images
Test and preview your web page

Adding text - typing directly into the page or importing text
Text formatting

Images and Graphics
File naming, files sizes and the correct file types
Adding images and graphics to your web page
Set image properties such as size, border
Alt tags (alternative text)
Adding Flash or Video clips to the web site

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Basics
Overview of CSS styles, what CSS can do, how CSS styles are used
Internal styles and external style sheets
Attach a style sheet to a page or multiple pages
Using CSS to format text - e.g. styling body text, headings and sub-headings
Setting page defaults - body text styles, background colour, background image, etc.
Using CSS to format link colours for text hyperlinks

% width and pixel width tables
Setting table properties such as borders, background colours and cell padding
Complex tables and nested tables

Page Layout with Tables
Using tables to create quick simple web page layout

Viewing HTML code
Basic HTML and XHTML recognition and editing

Hyperlinks & Site Navigation
Creating links to other pages in your site
Text links and image links
Image hotspots
Adding an email link
Links to other sites
Using Anchor tags - to link to another part of the same page
Adding links to documents such as PDF files

Editing your site
Using Find and Replace to change selected content or HTML code throughout the page or site

CSS - More Uses for CSS
CSS Selectors - Class, Tag, ID, Pseudo-classes for link styling
Create indented text with CSS
Format a bulleted list with CSS
Adding a border or a space around an image
Using CSS to format tables: borders, colours and cell padding
Editing the CSS code

Introduction to Page Layout with CSS
Absolute and relative CSS positioning
Designing with div tags & CSS
Formatting and designing navigation with CSS

Using a site library
Create, modify and update library items

Introduction to Dreamweaver Templates
Creating, editing and applying site templates to pages
Defining editable regions
Creating pages based on a template, editing and updating them

SEO Basics
Search engines
Title tags, Meta tags, writing good text content

Interactivity & Behaviours
Using Behaviours to add javascript functions
Rollover buttons (mouseovers)

Forms Introduction
Creating a basic form
Discussion of how to process the form data

Testing, Site Management & Uploading
Testing and checking for broken links your web pages
Using the site manager in Dreamweaver to manage and update your files
How to upload your site to your web server



On-site Adobe Dreamweaver courses are available in Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Derby, Leicester, Northampton, Manchester, Oxford and around the UK, including Midlands, Yorkshire.


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Adobe Dreamweaver course, beginners and intermediate 2 day course in Midlands, Yorkshire and around the UK.