Beginners Microsoft Excel Course

This one-day Microsoft Excel introduction course is for beginners who have little or no previous experience of MS Excel spreadsheet software.

It serves as an introduction to the basics of spreadsheet creation, and is designed to provide familiarity with the Excel interface. Trainees will learn to create, edit and use spreadsheets using the most important tools and techniques.

One to one or small group MS Excel beginners course in Birmingham and Midlands, Bristol and South West, and around the UK.

Microsoft Excel beginners course - summary

Course duration: 1 day course.
Level: Beginners, introduction.
Software: Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010.
Numbers: One to one or small groups of up to 4. Trainees in a group should have the same skill level and the same requirements.
Locations: On-site at client's site in Birmingham, Midlands, Bristol, South West and around the UK.

MS Excel beginners course requirements:
You will just need good computer skills for the beginners course.

Microsoft Excel beginners introduction course
1 day course outline

The Excel environment and user interface
Status Bar and scroll bars
Formula Bar
Columns, rows, cells and ranges
Navigating through cells
Using Help

Creating, opening and saving documents
Creating a new document
Page set-up
Saving and naming files

Entering and editing information
Selecting cells, rows, columns and ranges
Entering text and numbers into cells
Moving cell contents
Editing cell contents
Deleting cell contents

Document formatting and layout
Resizing cells
Merging cells
Cell borders and shading
Text fonts

BODMAS theory
Creating formulae
Copying formulae across ranges
Introducing simple functions

Chart types – choosing the right chart for your data
Working through the chart wizard
Chart type
Source data
Chart options
Chart location
Formatting chart elements
Altering chart elements

Page set up options
Headers and footers
Printing options
Defining Print Area



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