QuarkXPress Course for beginners

One day beginners Quark XPress course will introduce you the basics of desktop publishing with Quark XPress, creating simple documents like flyers, small adverts, leaflets, etc.

On-site Quark Xpress training can be arranged at your office or home in Birmingham and other Midlands areas and around the UK


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Beginners QuarkXPress Course summary

Quark course duration: 1 day
Level: Beginners Quark course
Software: Quark Xpress 6, QuarkXpress 7, QuarkXpress 8, QuarkXpress 9, QuarkXpress 10
on PC or Mac.
Numbers: One to one or small groups of up to 4 trainees
Trainees in a group should have the same skill level and the same requirements.
At client's office or home in Birmingham, Midlands and around the UK.

Quark course requirements:
You should have good computer skills. Some knowledge of other design software will be useful, particularly Photoshop for image resizing and colour correction.


Beginners Quark XPress Course Outline - 1 day

Introduction to QuarkXPress - tools, techniques and introduction to the basics of page layout and design with Quark XPress.

Creating a new Quark Xpress document

Starting a new document:
Setting document size and page margins and other options
Saving a document and organising files
Modifying page properties

Quark Xpress work area

Moving around the document
Zoom tool and shortcut keys for zooming in and out
Grids, Guides, Rulers

Shapes and lines

Creating shapes and lines
Setting fill colour other properties for shapes
Setting line style, colour and arrows for lines


Colours palette - adding new colours
Choosing RGB, CMYK or Pantone Spot colours
Choosing colour for type, fills and borders
Creating tints and gradients

Working with Images

Create a picture box - set size and position
Import a picture (file type, size, quality considerations)
Positioning an image within the picture box
Scaling, cropping and rotating images
Adding a border around an image

Text & Typography

Creating a text box, modifying text box properties
Typing text, importing text, or using Jabber
Setting type properties: size, font, style, alignment, hyphenation
Basic typography settings: leading, tracking and kerning
Paragraph formatting - indents, paragraph spacing
Changing the number of columns of text
Flowing type from one text box to another
Runaround - flowing type around images and other objects

Shapes and Selected Objects

Converting between picture boxes and text boxes
Using the Measurements for accurate measurements and calculations
Duplicating selected objects
Spacing and aligning items on the page
Grouping objects together
Locking objects to prevent accidental moving

Page Management

Adding new pages, organising pages, deleting pages
Basic overview of how a master page works and adding content to the master page

Create A Simple Document

Create a small simple document such as a single page newsletter, with text and images. This could be a simple document of your own - e.g. a poster, leaflet, postcard, magazine advert, simple newsletter or other small document.



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The beginners Quark XPress course is available for small groups at your premises in Birmingham and Midlands areas including Solihull, Coventry, Derby, Leicester, and around the UK

One to one and small group Quark Xpress training


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