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Photoshop Courses

Adobe Photoshop training information
Adobe Photoshop courses list

Beginners Adobe Photoshop Course for Image Editing and Design - 1 day
Preparing and Designing Images for Print with Photoshop Intermediate  1 day
Beginners Intro and Preparing and Designing Images for Web Sites with Photoshop - beginners  2 day
Photoshop Image Editing and Design - intermediate & advanced - 2 day


Web Design Training

Web design courses list

Adobe Dreamweaver training information
Adobe Dreamweaver courses list

Adobe Dreamweaver course - beginners - 1 day
Adobe Dreamweaver course - intermediate - 1 day
Adobe Dreamweaver course - beginners and intermediate - 2 day
Intermediate Dreamweaver course with CSS web design and XHTML - 2 day

Adobe Creative Suite 3 ( Web Edition) - Introduction to web design, web graphics and animation - 3 day course.
Adobe Creative Suite 3 ( Web Edition) - web design course with Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash - 5 day course


Web Graphics Training

Web graphics courses list

Adobe Fireworks courses list
Macromedia Fireworks course - beginners web graphics - 1 day

Macromedia Flash courses


Desktop Publishing Courses

Desktop publishing courses list

Adobe InDesign training information
Adobe InDesign courses list
Adobe InDesign course - beginners - 1 day
Adobe InDesign training - beginners / intermediate - 2 days

Quark XPress training information
Quark XPress courses list
Quark XPress course - beginners - 1 day
Quark XPress course - beginners / intermediate - 2 days

Introduction to Adobe Creative Suite - 3 day course
Adobe Creative Suite beginners and intermediate - 5 day course
Desktop Publishing Introduction - 2 day course for beginners


Graphic Design Courses

Graphic design courses list

Adobe Illustrator training information
Adobe Illustrator courses list

Adobe Illustrator course - beginners - 1 day
Adobe Illustrator course - Beginners / intermediate -  2 days


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