Design Training - design software computer training

Design Training - Design Software Computer Training

One to one and small group on-site computer training courses for professional design software.

Training availability by area

Design software training with trainers around the UK.
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and many other design applications.

On-site training - one to one training and training for small groups - custom courses.

On-site training is available at your premises and you will need to have suitable computer equipment with the software installed.

Use this table to ge an idea of where trainers are available, and level of training available for each application in different areas of the country. 

Training may be available in other areas not listed, so if the list below doesn't mention where you are, please do ask.

B = beginners,  I = intermediate,  A = advanced, ** possibly available
Application London / South-East Bristol/
Birmingham / Midlands/Oxford Manchester / North-West Yorkshire / North-East
DTP / Graphics / Photo Editing          
Adobe Creative Cloud (DTP & Design) ** B, I B, I, A B, I, A B, I, A
Adobe Creative Suite (DTP & Design) ** B, I B, I, A B, I, A B, I, A
InDesign B, I, A B, I B, I, A B, I, A B, I, A
Digital Publishing with InDesign     ** ** **
Illustrator B, I B, I B, I, A B, I, A B, I, A
Photoshop B, I, A B, I B, I, A B, I, A B, I, A
Quark Xpress ** ** ** **  **
Acrobat ** **      
Adobe Premiere ** ** **    
Microsoft Office          
MS Word   B, I B, I    
MS Excel   B, I B, I    
MS Powerpoint   B, I B, I  
MS Publisher   B, I B, I    
MS Outlook   B, I B, I    
Web Design / Web Graphics          
Dreamweaver ** ** ** ** **
Fireworks ** ** ** ** **
HTML Email **   ** ** **
HTML/CSS **   ** ** **
Application London /South-East Bristol/
Birmingham / Midlands Manchester / North-West Yorkshire area


Trainers - Contact Me

We need experienced, reliable freelance trainers who can do training for Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and other design software, in all areas of the UK.

If you are a freelance trainer who can provide training for any applications listed, or for other design software, please contact me with details of your software skills/experience, your training experience, your location, and your daily rate, and areas you can travel to.

Computer training for Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Quark, InDesign and other design software in Birmingham, UK.