Open Source Software

What is open source software ?

Open source software is free to use and distribute.
You can edit and redistribute the code of open source software.

There are many open source applications now available, and many have much better support than commercial software - usually by the community that use, develop and promote the software.


What software is available ?

Below are just a few useful open source applications, I use Firefox and Open Office all the time.

At the bottom of the page are links to more open source software information and download sites.


Web browsers

Web browser which complies with W3C web standards


Email software

Email and news client to replace Outlook Express.


Web editing software



Both are WYSIWYG HTML web page editors.


Image editing and graphics software

Image manipulation and image editing application

Video frame editing / image editing application


Office Suite

Open Office
A great alternative to Microsoft Office products and it is free !
Reads most files from Excel and Word and can create MS Office files too.



Links to more information on open source software