Design Training - design software computer training

Design Training - Design Software Computer Training

One to one and small group on-site computer training courses for professional design software.

Graphic Design Courses

Short graphic design courses for Illustrator and Photoshop, on-site graphic design training around the UK.

  • Learn to create your own artwork, illustrations and designs with Adobe Illustrator.
  • Create photo based designs with Adobe Photoshop.
  • Prepare graphics and artwork to use in your a desktop publishing program or to use in your web sites.
  • Combine photos, graphics and effects to create unique images and designs.

We provide graphic design courses for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop in Birmingham, Solihull, Oxford, Northampton, Leicester, Yorkshire, Manchester, Gloucester and around the UK.


Graphic design courses

Adobe Illustrator

2 day Adobe Illustrator beginners and intermediate course

Other Adobe Illustrator courses


Adobe Photoshop

2 day Adobe Photoshop beginners and intermediate course

Other Adobe Photoshop courses


One to one graphic design courses and small group graphics training
custom courses available
on-site training


Adobe Creative Cloud 4 or 5 day courses covering Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign (desktop publishing, graphic design and photo editing)


Graphic design courses are available in Birmingham, Solihull, Worcester, Coventry, Nottingham, Leicester, Oxford, Manchester, Yorkshire, Bristol, Gloucester and around the UK.

Graphic Design Courses in Birmingham, Solihull, Oxford, Yorkshire, Manchester and around the UK.