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Design Training - Design Software Computer Training

One to one and small group on-site computer training courses for professional design software.

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One to one training or group training ?

With one to one training you will learn a lot more than you could as part of a group, you can cover a lot more during a day than you would in a group of three or four and you will be able to look at the application in much more detail. You can learn at your own pace and spend more time on the areas you find most difficult. The training can easily be tailored to include working through any current projects that you may have.

Group training is usually available for up to 4 trainees.
Usually the smaller the group the more you will learn in a day, and also the easier it is to adapt the training to your specific requirements.
Trainees in a group should have the same current skill level and the same training requirements.

Larger groups are sometimes possible, but this may reduce the amount which can be covered in a day and could affect the quality of training. We do not usually recommend larger groups for advanced or highly customised courses

One or two trainees is ideal if you want in-depth training.


How long is the training for ?

Training times are typically 9.30am to 4pm, with a 45 - 60 minute break for lunch, but may vary with different trainers/courses and can often be adjusted to better suit the client.


Where is the training ?

Training will take place at your premises (office or home) and the training is usually available for up to four trainees.

We can arrange on-site training with trainers around the UK.
Prices and course availability will vary for different areas and different courses.

You will need somewhere suitable to do the training where you will not be constantly disturbed and you will also need to have suitable computer equipment with the appropriate software installed and working.

Computer Equipment Requirements:
You will need suitable computer equipment with the software installed and working.
A computer for each trainee is ideal. It may be possible to share a computer between two trainees if they are happy working together. However, this is likely to slow things down and affect the amount covered in the training.

Equipment for Demonstrations:
For groups of trainees, a large screen or a projector connected to a computer (with the software) will be required so that everyone can see demonstrations. For one or two trainees, a good size screen connected to one of the computers (with software) should be sufficient.
Most trainers will have their own laptop and software which they can use for demonstrations, or they can use your own computer equipment. Please ask if you will need the trainer to use their own laptop and I will confirm availability. The trainer may not always have the same version of software, especially if you are using an older or very recent software version.

Please discuss any specific equipment requirements or issues before booking (such as software versions, PC or Mac hardware, projector connections, etc.).

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How many days training do I need ?

The amount of training you need will depend on your current design skills and the level of skill you want to work towards. Most design software will take a long time to learn properly and you will need to allow time for practising the techniques you have learned during the training.
If you are relatively new to design software then you will obviously need longer to learn these applications than if you have already have some experience of this type of software.

For most applications, you should allow one day for an introduction to that software, and further days to cover the application in more detail.

As a guide, for each application you are likely to need:
1 day for beginners level,
+ 1 day for intermediate level,
+ 1 day for advanced level.
This does vary for different applications, and you may need anything between 2 and 5 days training to cover beginners to advanced level thoroughly.

For a complete beginner wanting to learn Photoshop, we would usually suggest starting with 1 or 2 days to cover the basics and familiarise yourself with how that program works, followed by another 1 or 2 days later on, to go into more detail on specific design and image editing techniques like retouching, montage and design.

If you would like some advice on the training you may need, please ask.


Course Content

Course outlines are a typical list of areas which can be covered during that course. The course content will often be adapted to meet the requirements of the trainees. The amount of any course outline which can be covered will often vary depending on the number of trainees and the abilities of those being trained, and the amount of time spent looking at specific areas of interest or answering questions which may be asked during the training.


Custom Courses

The content of most courses can be adapted to better suit your requirements.

Beginners courses are only able to have a limited amount of customisation, while with the more advanced courses it is usually assumed you will spend a significant amount of the time working with your own projects and designs.

If you require something special such as a combined Illustrator and Photoshop course, please let us know your requirements and we will try to accommodate you if it would be possible to do so effectively.

Please supply details of your requirements or examples of any documents you would like to create or edit before booking the training.


Computer Platform

Training can be on Windows PC or Apple Mac (whichever you normally use)
The platform that you learn on doesn't really matter for most applications because most techniques are very similar whether you use Mac or PC.


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Skill Level

For all beginners courses, it is assumed that you will have reasonable computer skills: know how to open and save files and that you are competent with basic computer applications such as a word processor. Some basic experience of image editing, graphics or DTP software would also be helpful for most courses, and for web design an understanding of file management is necessary.
Requirements for other courses will vary - please see individual course outlines for more information.


Notes and After Training Support

Due to the number of software versions that we cover and the amount of variation of these courses, we don't usually supply notes and handouts with most courses (although there are some exceptions).

We usually suggest that trainees make their own brief notes for areas of specific interest and we can usually recommend some useful reference books.
A book may be supplied with some longer courses, such as the 3 day Photoshop course.

Some basic notes may be available for some courses such as beginners Photoshop, which we run quite regularly.

One month of email support (and telephone support - by arrangement) is available after your training, for questions related to subjects covered during the training.


Do I Get Qualifications Or Certificates ?

The courses are intensive, flexible courses aimed at giving you the skills you need to do your job, rather than set courses which are working towards an exam. Therefore you will not get any type of qualification at the end of the course. However you will hopefully go away with the work you have done during the training which should be a better example of your real skills than a certificate.

If you do want written confirmation of the training you have had, this can be supplied on request.


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Booking Training

How to book training

1) Check available dates
Please contact us to check which dates may be available for on-site training for your required course and location.

2) Reserve some dates
The next step is to reserve some dates and once the dates have been reserved with the trainer you will then be emailed a booking form for the training on the requested dates.

Before sending the booking form we will need to know:
   Which dates and which courses are required
   Number of trainees
   Location of training
   Software version

You can usually reserve dates for a few days before confirming your booking.

3) Return the booking form
Return the booking form with the required information. Your booking will then be confirmed (subject to payment being received on time) and you will be sent an invoice for the training.

Terms and conditions



Payment will be required in advance of the training start date.

Payment will usually be due 21 days in advance of the training start date.
Or for later bookings (less than 4 weeks ahead of training start date(, payment will be due when confirming the booking (usually within 1 - 7 days of invoice).

Payment by BACS is preferred.
Alternatively, you may request to make payment by Credit Card using the iZettle invoice service.
This method of payment will incur an extra fee to cover the cost of using the iZettle service. For more information, please contact us or see our T&Cs.


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